running linux after installing a new motherboard

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my motherboard broke, so i bought a new one and had issues getting my pre existing linux ssd to boot in it, attempted all sorts of weird BIOS settings until eviee gave me an idea:

bootloader entry is probably not installed into nvram and the bootloader itself wasnt installed as "portable"
use efi shell to run the efi executable directly

i don't really know how to get an efi shell onto a usb drive, but i do know that grub-install may have done that on the old motherboard, as i never had to worry about that before (the old motherboard was when i installed void linux on), so i continued:

what would be the idea if i get linux booting though?
will grub just slap itself into the mobo nvram afterwards?

re-run grub install
and yeah
it'll throw itself onto nvram again

maybe i could do this from voidiso??


i'll experiment l8r
brain expand

the process #