VRCMG Announcement on EAC

Written by Doobadev on the VRCMG discord, copypasting it here so it's out in the internet

If you are on the VRCMG discord, this is the link to the original message: https://discord.com/channels/439093693769711616/548532647664812044/1002433015185670154

VRChat's Response
VRChat has been stepping its foot down on the stance that what it did right. This not only hurts us, VRCMG, but the community as well. It has created this unfortunate void of features being taken away with no immediate remedy. I have seen those who used mods for accessibility purposes struggle to play the game. Many of us agree that they should've added these features before adding anything like EAC.

VRChat also began to suddenly promise all these features that have been requested for years that mods have solved for some time now. It hurts to see VRChat only beginning to respond to all these requests after being put under intense pressure. I hope for the game's future, it doesn't have to get done like this, but only time will tell.

With all these promised features, you might have noticed a lot was inspired by what the VRCMG modders were able to do. One of these that stuck out the most was 'Ask To Portal'. One of our modders coined this term, and it was never used on the canny until very recently. While the implementation is somewhat different, this does feel like a direct rip from the modding community with 0 credit given. This feels like a massive slap to the face to the sweat and tears the modders went through for the game they loved.

To clarify, we're not upset that these features are being added, but were upset that
A. They had to be pushed into a corner to finally implement changes that have been asked for years now.
B. They not only shunned the modding community after promising to work with them but failed to give credit where many believe credit is due.

What should you do?
It's evident that the only reason VRChat had finally responded to all these highly requested features is that they were put under immense pressure from the community.

Whether this will hold will depend on the community holding the team accountable.
Unfortunately, it seems we might not be here to lead that forward. So it's up to YOU to make sure that happens.

Please just be civil and stay on the legal end of things.
Use the canny, and hit them where it hurts if they fail on their promises. VRC+ and their reviews.
(Do NOT doxx/harass the staff. They're human too)