Tupper's statement on NSFW content in VRChat

Message link from the Official VRChat Discord: https://discord.com/channels/189511567539306508/189511567539306508/1004023502220836935

Tupper's User ID is 104791031479820288, for full verification.

Bold text added by him, copied to here.


This is correct-- per the Terms of Service, you cannot upload "NSFW" content to VRChat. That's been part of our TOS for... forever.

However, I will point out a logical issue with this system: we rely on user reports for NSFW content. If you're in a private instance with users and someone wears an avatar that fits the TOS's definition of "NSFW" content -- and nobody reports that content? Then no enforcement occurs as there is no report to action.

Please re-read the above paragraph carefully, then read this statement: There is no current plan for VRChat to change policy or process to address this logical enforcement failure state.

I feel it's important that this gets some expansion since some people are screenshotting Sach's comments out of context and adding on their own alarm.