links to resources in steamvr tracking

the steamvr system is proprietary and under NDA, so here are some people that attempt to reverse it and provide good high level overviews if you're into it (like i am today, hence me making this wiki page)

my overview on it #

basically it's a bunch of photodiodes, a TS3633 (or the most recent TS4231) connected to it, and a bunch of wires connecting back into an MCU (ARM, ESP32) that can do maths and know its own position, sending it to SteamVR runtime (through the OpenVR API, or, the cooler one, OpenXR)

cool resources #

Everything you need to start working with the TS4231 Light to Digital converter from Triad Semi-conductor.
VRK-LH1 SMD Soldering Kit

videos by scott rumschlag on the high level maths of making lighthouse work, in 3 parts:

GitHub - cntools/libsurvive: Open Source Lighthouse Tracking System

representations of lighthouse #