LnEngine 0.5 Help

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--General Help--

Function Definition: f(x) = x²; would be (x => x*x)

--General Plotting--

plot(function[, plot_range:list]) -> plot a graph by the given function

--General Functions--

F(formula) -> makes a function by the given formula(only accepts formula with x)

abs(x) -> absolute value of x

pow(a, b) -> a to the power of b

sqrt(x) -> square root of x

factorial(n) -> factorial of n

range(start, end, step) -> generates a list from "start" to "end" stepping "step"

summation(start, end, f) -> sums "start" to "end" using a function

factorize(n) -> factor "n"(use with caution, don't use big numbers(n > 1e+5))

isPrime(n) -> shows if "n" is a prime(use with caution, warning is n > 1e+5)

sum(...) -> sum given numbers

sumn(n) -> sum numbers from 1 to "n"

gcd(a, b) -> calculates Great Common Divisor for "a" and "b"

lcm(a, b) -> calculates Least Common Multiple for "a" and "b"

point_grad(xpoint, ypoint[, decimal_places]) -> makes a functio


Poly(...) -> creates polynomials, e.g 1x²+3x-2 == Poly(1, 3, -2) == 1*x*x + 3*x + (-2)*x

BriotRuffini(p1, p2) -> Implements Ruffini's rule, p1 is the first polynomial and p2 the divisor

--Resolve roots of functions--

derivative(f) -> makes another function that is the derivative of given function "f"

newton(f, df, x) -> calculates root by Newton's Method, f is the function, df the derivative and x the guess for the root

sqrtnewton(y) -> makes square rooting by Newton's Method

secant(f, x0, x1) -> calculates root using Secant Method


rad(degree) -> converts degrees to radians

deg(radians) -> converts radians to degrees

sin(x) and cos(x) and tan(x) = sine, cosine and tangent of x, respectively, x being in radians

hypot(a, b) -> sqrt(a*a+b*b)


log(n) -> natural logarithim(base e) of n

logN(n, b) -> logarithim base b

exp(n) -> exponencial function

--Quadratic Equations--

vertices(a, b, c) -> calculates vertices of the function in the form ax²+bx+c

parabola(a, b, c) -> plots a parabola from a function defined in the form ax²+bx+c

sde(a, b, c) -> calculates roots of a quadratic equation


diagonals(n) -> calculates the maximum number of diagonals in a polygon of "n" sides

area_triangle(base, height) -> calcula a área de um triângulo

area_rectangle(base, height) -> calcula a área de um retângulo

area_circle(radius) -> calcula a área de um círculo

area_square(side) -> calcula a área de um quadrado